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velospin™ 3000 Wheel Balancer

Building on all of the great features and performance of the velospin 2000, the 3000 has the additional of benefit of 3D data input via e-Sonar.

All 3 parameters are entered regardless of whether it is handling a steel or alloy rim, making this even faster and easier for the operator.

With an extensive range of weight-position choices, the ability to hide the weights behind the spokes on aesthetically-sensitive rims, and the choice of 12 o’clock or 6 o’clock weight placement, this model also provides an impressive set of balancing choices.

Laser-guidance directs the operator to the precise location for weight-application, and the convenient foot-lock holds the shaft in place during the process.

Not only is the 3000 self-calibrating, in the unlikely event it should be required, but it also has a clever NWN (No Wheel Needed) function which means the process can be carried out without the need for a suitable calibration wheel.

A 2 Year warranty is all the confirmation you need that this balancer is reliable and worthy of any tyre business.

Technical Specification

Single-phase power supply:230v 50/60Hz
Protection class:IP54
Max. power consumption:0.65 kw
Balancing speed:<150rpm
Cycle time:4.7 secs (15kg wheel)
Accuracy:+/- 0.5g
Noise level:<70dB (A)
Rim width capacity:1.5" - 20"
Rim Diameter capacity:10" - 30"
Max wheel weight:75 kg
Total net weight:85 kg

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