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velospin™ 8380P Wheel Balancer

If you are a busy tyre shop that wants a balancer that will make your technicians happy, quietly and efficiently bang out balancing jobs all day, every day without fear of comebacks, and impress your customers, then the velospin 8380P is for you.

But we haven’t finished. The real beauty of the 8380P is its sheer value for money. Despite its classically durable Italian-engineering and genuine Italian electronics, the 8380P saves money on gimmicks that never get used and passes them onto you.

As we constantly stress, the Balco brand is about dedication to tyre equipment, designed by people who know tyres, and the result is we know exactly what you don’t need – and give you what you need.

Automatic data input of all 3 parameters via e-Sonar, electronic positioning of the rim to its balancing position automatically after the spin cycle, and impressive ‘live’ graphics from the full-colour TFT display place this balancer in the ‘top-end’ category. As with the its smaller siblings, the 2000 and 3000, the 8380P has an array of balancing options that your technician will use, but really completing the ‘flagship’ status is the unbelievably quick and easy ‘Power Clamp’.

This pneumatic clamping device removes the need for a manual locking handle, and provides even better balancing accuracy through perfect centering on the cone. Remember how you used to wind your windows up in your car? And now you press a button? Would you go back? That is exactly what the Power Clamp effect is on anyone using this balancer.

The standard Balco fitment of laser-guidance, NWN calibration and statistical information provided by the PC set this apart from anything else at this price-level.

Last but not least, the 2 Year warranty is all the confirmation you need that this balancer is reliable and worthy of any tyre business.


  • Real-time TFT Monitor display with 3D wheel animation
  • Automatic ‘Power’ Clamping of the rim (no manual locknut)
  • Handles rims up to 30” diameter
  • Fast & Easy Split (FES) function allows for behind the spokes positioning of weights
  • Opposite Weight Function (OWF) allows for 6 o’ clock application of balance weights
  • Laser guidance for precise weight placement
  • LED illumination inside rim for clear visibility
  • Electromagnetic autolocking brake for ease of weight application
  • Automatic stop/start via lifting of wheel guard

Technical Specification

Single-phase power supply:230v 50/60Hz
Max tyre diameter:1100 mm
Operating pressure:8 - 10bar
Balancing speed:<150rpm
Cycle time:4.7 secs (15kg wheel)
Accuracy:+/- 0.5g
Noise level:<70dB (A)
Rim width capacity:1.5" - 20"
Rim Diameter capacity:10" - 30"
Max wheel weight:75 kg
Total net weight:102 kg

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