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velomount™ 3280 super-duty, high-performance tyre changer with centre post

The velomount 3280 is a super-duty, high-performance tyre changer with 10” to 28” clamping via Centre-Post.

The Centre-Post design eliminates any external clamping of the rim, instead securing the rim via cone and shaft arrangement, similar to a wheel balancer. The rim is then secured into place using a quick-release locking device, leaving the area around the tyre free to work without impingement from clamping cylinders or traditional turntable.

Leverless operation provides the easiest, safest fitting and removal process available, and the StrongArm super-duty assist arm provides all the usual functions you would expect from a machine of this level, but with the added feature of a lower-bead removal function.

The ingenious bead breaker system enhances the traditional design by introducing the ‘PowerOut’ function, which uses a small amount of pneumatic assistance to push the blade back out to its starting position, removing the notorious ‘blade stuck between rim and bead’ situation.

Demonstrating the 3280’s durability, it has an RUSC (Resistance Under Stress Coefficient) value of just 0.61, proving beyond doubt the resistance of the most vital component, the demount head, for tangent, radial and vertical movement under stress from a difficult tyre.

Learn more about RUSC measurement here >>>

A built-in pedal-operated inflation system, variable-speed rotation for maximum comfort for the operator, and ergonomically-positioned bead breaker operating pedal (no stretching your leg to reach the pedal whilst breaking the bead!) completes the luxury specification.

A reassuring 5 year gearbox warranty supports our confidence in another vital component which has become all too sadly compromised through lower quality, Far Eastern manufacturing in our competitors’ machines.


  • Centre post design - No rim damage from clamps
  • 10” – 28” Rim capacity
  • Leverless operation
  • StrongArm super-duty assist arm
  • Ingenious ‘PowerOut’ beadbreaker
  • Built-in pedal operated inflation system
  • Ergonomically-positioned bead breaker operating pedal

Technical Specification

Rim clamping range:12" - 28" Clamping capacity
Max tyre diameter:43’’ (1100 mm)
Max tyre width:16’’ (415mm)
Bead breaker cylinder force at 10 bar:30800 N
Operating pressure:10 bar (145 Psi)
Power supply:220V – 1ph
Motor power:0,75 kW
Net weight:360 kg (with assist arm)
Max overall Dimensions:2020mm x 1200mm x 1830mm (With Assist Arm)

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